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FOnline Open Testing
FOnline Open Testing [ Community -> Update ]
Posted by cazsim83 Sat 31 May 2008, 11:28 PM
More info on Community: | More info on Mod: FOnline

Ion has stopped by to tell us that the Russians will be testing FOnline - and also they would really like some help translating into English. Seems testing will be open for a week, starting today, and they will also be available via IRC - here is the information, submitted by Ion:

The first open test.

Aims of test:
1) To show on a what stage the project is. To everyone who is interested in it.
2) The seach of the cheif scenario writer. The project needs in a man who will coordinate all scenario writers work, and will work out the main scenario moments.

What to begin with?
There was opened a new section in the forum, which one is totaly devoted to the test. You can express you opinion, and ask main questions about the test there. The link:
FOnline forums
The duration of an open test will last one week at a favourable coincidence.

The link for downloading the client is : (the link might be changed)
The size of a zipped client is : 9.86 mb

If you was connecting and an error like this appeared "The wrong protocol version" Then look this page, there will be the patch you'll have to download and install.

Installing the client:
Unrar an archive in any comfortable place for you.
Run FOconfig.exe (NET Framework2.0 is necessary for it, but if it does not run, then update VCRedist). Set the pass to master.dat and critter.dat in the programm (or you just can copy these files into the folder with the unrared client). Than also look through other options (but if you have any questions about to destiny bout any of them, than look FOnline.cfg .There are a short descriptions to each one).
Copy all the files from "Fallout2\data\sound\music" from the original Fallout2 into the folder "FOnline\data\sound\music\" of FOnline. If you dont do that, there wont be any music in the game.
Run FOnline.exe
All the other things you can read in the manual which will be placed in the folder with the game client.

-If you have low FPS, then decrease the value of Sleep (up to 0)
-If game is lagging from time to time, then try to turn off Logging (Logging=0)

There are many thingh which aren't realized, or realized on a half in the game. Such a moments are marked in the manual, but maybe something was missed or told not exactly. Some features of the test are:
-You can notice the increased amount of money in NPC's pockets.
-The speed of movements is increased a bit.
-You will start in Den, and you'll have a radio in the invertory.
-If you get to the place you can't get out, than just type "~toglobal" in the cantilever, and you'll be returned to the global map.

If you want to discuss the game in online, then join IRC channel #fonline, server .

The english speaking community can start their acquaintance from this topic:
English thread

As you can see, they definitely need some help in the translation department. Any able-minded DaC'ers are encouraged to check it out.

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