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OXM Preview
OXM Preview [ Game -> Preview ]
Posted by King of Creation Fri 07 Mar 2008, 2:39 AM
More info on Game: Fallout 3

NMA has posted a preview of the new Fallout article in OXM. Check it out:

--Basic Points-- (They played a January 31st model of the game on Feb. 1) 6 pages - 12 in-game pictures (Not including the front-page picture shown twice in magazine)

-Beginning of game-
*You start out as a baby where the "Gene Projector" tells your basics in appearance as your father is "inspecting" you. (Choose whether you're Male/Female). So the Projector projects what you will look like in later years (I think 19), and the doctor is revealed as your dad (And as already stated, he will look somewhat like an older you).
-The dad will wear a surgical mask initially so you can't tell his looks till after your decide your appearance with the Gene Projector.
-As already stated, this is in Vault 101
-In this scene, it says you can press A to cry (360 version obviously)

*You start out the game a year later where you can press A to... say "Dada" (with the A button). You get a book called "You're SPECIAL!", where you chose your characters main stats (Choose from Stength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck. I think this has already been gone over). It says choose wisely on stats as, "upgrade oppurtunities will be rare."
-You can also walk, open the playpen gates, jump on the bed. (Obviously a tutorial. I mean like who jumps on a bed /tripledot)

*The game then goes towards your tenth birthday party (Jumping on beds and parties?!? Vault 101 is a post-modern Frat House). Here it states, "you'll learn social interaction with the party guests." You'll also receive the Pip-Boy 3000 wrist computer (health and inventory interface in game), a BB gun with "combat training at the shooting range".

*At age 16 you'll take GOAT (Generalized Occupational Aptitude Test); here you'll determine your future as it's a personality test with situations. (I guess like the intro of Morrowind? interesting)
-An example is given stating, "if you're hypothetically called on to eliminate rad roaches from the cellar, would you smash them with a pipe or shoot them with a gun?".
-Later states that 3 skills will get a boost. "the three you're going to focus on that get a big boost at the start. Every time you level up, you get points to spend on improving any of your skills, so that's what is increasing as the game goes along." (Pete Hines)

*At age 19, the game start's official on your quest in Washington, D.C. circa 2277. As stated before, your person feels pressure by the Vault Overseer deciding to go find Pa.

-Other stuff-

*Mentions several guns: Chinese Assault Rifle, 10mm sub-machinegun, flamethrower, and the Fat Man ("shoulder-mounted launcher of miniature nuclear bombs, which detonate with a small but horrific mushroom cloud").

*A picture using the VATS system is shown on a Super Mutant Behemoth. Percentage signs and bars shown on head, arms, upper legs (lower legs cut out), abdomens/chest, and upper chest/throat). The magazine states that it's all of the above regions with the two chest ones just being one, so one is likely the general health. Not sure.

*Picture of a mutants leg getting blown off. The inspiration for their death sequences is stated as Burnout with their crash mode. They say, "Just replace the greasy car parts with greasy body parts."
-Pagliarulo comments, "It would be a lot less fun without that level of gore... It's part of the visceral experience. You laugh your ass off when you see a mutant's leg get blown off. It never gets old -- It hasn't yet."

*Says each VATS shot uses action points, which replenish when you're not shooting.

*Says that weapons last so long before they break (No more repair hammers). Worn pieces can be combined though to build new weapons. The rate of fire slows and accuracy is lost while the gun wears. Also says two guns can be combined to make a better that also will be vulerable to wear and tear.

*Mention of a greater use of party members is displayed (then Oblivion). "companionship will be infrequent", one says.
-They mention an example of a dog called Dogmeat at the Scrapyard who'll attack enemies and forage for food.
-They mentioned that they're not sure how animals can heal themselves, but stated you can give them stimpacks if hurt.

*There's also a Pip-Boy's radio - "One-man radio plays on Galaxy Free Radio as well as popular hits from the 1940s offer a cheeky, cheery backdrop to the devastation."

-You were probably waiting for the pictures link only to find crappy descriptions section-
Pic 1 - A picture of a Feral Ghoul. Partially torn pants, skinny to the bone body, and loose eye. Looks like same detail amount from the zombies in Oblivion, but a lot different appearance.
Pic 2 - A picture of the Pip-Boy. On the bottom has the 3 basic section buttons (stats, items, data). It seems like it has the same sub-sections feature from Oblivion where in the stats section it displays status, SPECIAL, skills, perks, and general. The screen with a green background is in the Stats/Status section stating the HP, AP, XP, a guy named Albert - Level 5, 6 different body parts each with bars (head and left leg crippled, so says crippled instead). Behind the bars is that main blonde creepy guy. Apparently a dotted line on the crippled face/leg while rest is whole lined (crying face included). Also says CND, RAD, and EFF on side of screen.
Pic 3 - Picture of Vault 101. Likely your 10th birthday with the party hats. Mostly gray, metal architecture with red chairs.
Pic 4 - Picture of the book called you're SPECIAL!. It's on page 4 stating, "C is for Charisma, it's why people think I'm great! I make my friends all laugh and smile, and never want to hate!" (I feel like an idiot after typing that. Moving on.)
Pic 5 - Picture of Super Mutant Behemoth. Reminds me of that super buff guy from 300, but skin is copper looking with metallic parts attached. Using a firehydron(sp?) as a weapon. Some of the interface shown. Enemies health on the bottom center of screen which looks like the line with bars when you're changing radio stations on an older radio (I bet this only makes sense to me). Bottom right is the AP meter and bottom left is the HP. Below HP bar is some weird dots on a line (maybe the compass). Below bottom right are something that says CHD with a bar and split off on the other side is simply a 1/6 (grenades amount?)
Pic 6 - Picture of a man blowing the leg off of some mutant. A lot more blood then in Oblivion shown, but not anything unrealistic like GoW. Sub-machine gun used and the person shooting has no face protection.
Pic 7 - A talking screen with someone outside the Vault. The man has a gun on his back, bald, with some facial hair. Has this armor that seems like connected piece of iron or some other metal, but is varied to the extent that it may be scraps latched together by leather. The dialogue options are, "You could come with me. I could use a hand." and, "Finding a crew might be tough. Good luck though." (Guess he's a raider)
Pic 8 - Picture of a well armored person using what seems like a mini-gun.
Pic 9 - Over the shoulder picture of player running towards Dogmeat. Gun shown on back.
Pic 10 - A distant view of Ramshackle, which states, "was built from the parts of a downed airliner."
Pic 11 - A picture of the player shooting the Behemoth in an over the shoulder view. The number 101 is shown on the back of the players shirt.
Pic 12 - Picture of the character and Dogmeat in the middle of a rural, ghost town.

Interesting. I'm interested to see the picture of the ghoul to see how much they've changed.

Spotted @ No Mutants Allowed
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