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NMA Scores Interviews with Fallout Devs
NMA Scores Interviews with Fallout Devs [ Game -> Update ]
Posted by Urizen Sun 07 Oct 2007, 3:12 PM
More info on Community: No Mutants Allowed | More info on Game: Fallout series

Brother None just stopped by to tell us that him and his friends at NMA have managed to get a hold of some prominent Fallout leads:

"Leonard Boyarsky Fallout 1 lead artist and original game design
Chris Taylor Fallout 1 lead designer and original game design, Fallout Tactics senior designer
Feargus Urquhart Fallout 1 division director of Interplay TSR, Fallout 2 producer and lead designer
Chris Avellone Fallout 2 designer, author of the Fallout Bibles and lead designer of Van Buren (BIS' Fallout 3) until he left for Obsidian
J.E. Sawyer Van Buren lead technical designer and lead designer until he left a few months before BIS closed its doors"

They all get to answer questions about the creation of the different titles, the fanbase and the Fallout setting. Here is a little snippet, just to get your juices flowing:

"What advice would you have for someone making another Fallout game?

J.E. Sawyer:
Establish a vision and go with it. The Fallout games are great, but to progress the series, you need to separate the wheat from the chaff and build on top of that. Refine the strengths of the Fallout games and add new innovations. There's a lot of dissonant noise from fans about what those strengths really are. And that's fine. It's not their job to make the game. They aren't a team. But you have to be able to get to the heart of what's really important.
There are probably a lot of decisions that you will make that infuriate a lot of people. If you feel those decisions need to be made, do not half-ass them. The people still will be infuriated, and what you are making will suffer overall because of those compromises. A compromise made for reasons of scope or quality -- that might be a good compromise. Compromises made to quasi-please the average audience member aren't a good thing, especially not with a concept as strongly expressed as "Fallout".
And whatever you do, make sure you nail the art, the music, and the sound. That's the stuff that transcends rules and combat systems and dialogue trees."

It's a nice little read, and a swell way to finish off the 10 year anniversary. Take a look at the whole thing over at NMA, and then go play some Fallout.

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  • NMA Scores Interviews with Fallout Devs


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