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Pete Hines interviewed by Jörg Spielt
Pete Hines interviewed by Jörg Spielt [ Person -> Interview ]
Posted by Alexander Tue 31 Jul 2007, 9:38 AM
More info on Person: Pete Hines | More info on Company: Bethesda Softworks | More info on Game: Fallout 3

At this point, Bethesda seems to be telling the same things to everyone — however, in this interview by Jörg Langer, Pete answers some unique and interesting questions.

Most notable were answers regarding how Fallout 3 will utilise the SPECIAL system and VATS:

Jörg: Although the crosshairs were right on top of a opponent, you didn’t hit him. Ist that the underlying skills and role-playing system?

Pete Hines: Where bullets go, is based on a die roll, combined from what is your skill with the weapon and the weapon’s condition. That is why improving a weapon’s condition is very important, it gives you a much higher fire rate and percentage of hitting. Normally, the better weapons have a pretty low condition when you find them, so you have to find more weapons of the same type in order to improve it.

Jörg: But will younger players not being used to old fashioned role playing games understand the concept? Or will they say, “what the heck, why am I missing my targets all the time”?

Pete Hines: In the tutorial, when you go through your youth in several steps, we explain about it. You get a BB airgun on your birthday and learn to use it from your father. Ultimately, combat is only one part of Fallout 3. Obviously, it is important, but there are the quests and the skill system and the experience points and how you use them and trading and all that stuff. All that is a part of Fallout 3. So if the dialogue is good and the quests are fun, then you’ll be doing a lot of that stuff, too.

Jörg: The VaultTec Assisted Targeting System — can it be turned on anytime I like

Pete Hines: Yes. Actually, the way we play the game, we sometimes use it as a pause mode just to see where the enemies are. Even if we don’t have any action points to use it to fire at opponents. Because your perception skill determines what other characters are visible to you. You may see it in the 3D world, but it is not selectable in V.A.T.S. mode. If your perception skill is really high, you can even perceive people that are behind a door. So you can walk up to a door, go into V.A.T.S. mode, and detect somebody standing behind it.

Pete also briefly touches on the subject of karma and "good" and "bad":

Jörg: In the demonstration it looked like you would visit Megaton very early in the game. So you meet Mr. Burke, who gives you the quest to destroy Megaton. Is that right?

Pete Hines: Yes, it comes fairly early on.

Jörg: So what happens when you choose to destroy it?

Pete Hines: You get the worst karma score that you could possibly get. That’s the most evil thing you could ever do! That town’s gone – but it opens up ten penny tower, where Mr. Burke is from, which is this different, competing town whose characters are more inclined to people with low karma. You won’t meet them without destroying Megaton.

Read the rest here.

Spotted @ Briosafreak's Fallout 3 Blog
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