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Pete Hines Interviewed By Major Nelson
Pete Hines Interviewed By Major Nelson [ Game -> Interview ]
Posted by King of Creation Tue 03 Jul 2007, 3:38 PM
More info on Game: Fallout 3

Pete Hines has been interviewed in a podcast by the official XBox blog Major Nelson. Highlights:

Tell us about Fallout [3] from where you're sitting, tell us what it's all about
Fallout 3 is a big post-nuclear role-playing game. It's our attempt at bringing back this beloved franchise that hasn't done anything in 10 years and our chance to do a very different type of role-playing game that we will hope folks will like.

As a gamer, what should I expect? Is it a shooter? We talked about it being a role playing game, how do you explain it?
First and foremost it is a roleplaying game. We make no bones about that. Yes it has guns, yes you shoot things rather than running up to them and hitting them with a sword (...)

On character creation and leveling up:

Unlike in Oblivion or any ES game (...) where you can really modify your base attributes a lot as the game goes along, Fallout 3 is much more about making some pretty tough choices early in the game that really don't get changed as you go along. So you're not going to be bumping up your strength skill every time you level up. As you go through, you're going to have to make some pretty tough choices about which attributes are important to you and they're going to affect the rest of the game. It's experience points based, it's not skillbased.

On weapons:

Right. We certainly have a lot of the weapons from the original Fallout games in and we also added in a bunch of new ones. So you have a whole range of stuff from the BB gun in the vault when you're 10 and first learn how to shoot, then there's hunting rifles and Chinese assault rifles and this really cool weapon called the Fatman, which is a portable mini nuclear bomb watcher. It's really insane when you see it go off.
One of the things that we found out with guns (...), which is much more difficult to do than with swords, is that when you don't have bullets or little mini-nukes to shoot then that weapon is essentially useless. So it's much easier to balance how much you're allowed to use a particular weapon or by not only degrading its condition over time but also how much ammo is available over time (...) You can have a great weapon like the Fatman, but if you're only going to have one nuke, you're not going to go running around nuking people.

On console development:

For our desk, the 360 is just a good base platform for us to work off, in terms of ease of design, the architecture and the hardware. We basically find that's a good one to use as a base platform, but we can technically show it on the PC or PS3 if we wanted. But the 360 is, y'know, you have to pick on the show a demo on. (...) We've got pretty good at modeling our system to run well on that (Xbox) and run well on everything.

Listen to the whole thing here. Pete's interview is at 39:07 to 59.20.

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