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Gamespy threatens death to the Fallout Community
Gamespy threatens death to the Fallout Community [ Community -> Article ]
Posted by King of Creation Sun 01 Jul 2007, 1:41 AM

Gamespy Associate Editor, and former Interplay Product Manager for Fallout Tactics, Allen "Delsyn" Rausch apparently really hates Fallout fans. Like, a lot. In fact, Gamespy has paid him cash money to alienate and make lies about a large portion of their audience. In the latest Gamespy Debriefing, Rausch goes on a tirade about how he wishes all Fallout fans died. Nice guy, huh?

[Rausch] When it comes to Fallout fans, ignorance, stupidity and arrogance is bad combination, because this is a community that has all of those. Since I've always opened the door there, they're loathsome human beings, who I hope really get a horrible disease and die.
They have some of the finest RPGs ever made. I still break out Fallout once in a while and play it. But if it's a choice between, say, having my eyes poked out with red-hot needles and spending time in the Fallout forums, I'm seriously going with the needles.
[someone else, talking about discussion on the Fallout 3 forum] You can have Fallout on the east coast because there wasn't a war on the east coast, and you can't have powered armor, and Ron Perlman would be dead by then so how can he do a voice-over.
[Rausch] Ron Perlman was never a friggin' character in the game. He did the voice over for God's sake. Second of all...
Y'know, these are people who would love it to be 1998 forever and they want all the ex-Troika guys to come back to it. I mean, the quintessential example of what these people are is when Bethesda got the license and nobody knew anything beyond the fact that hey, Bethesda got the license. A normal person would go "hey, look, an obscure license that really only had critical praise and didn't do all that well in terms of sales has been rescued from the dead by people who love it." And what was their reaction? "Oh, it's going to suck when Bethesda has it. You know what? You know nothing, shut up.

You can download the whole thing here. Listen for Rausch's comments are around the 90:30 mark.

Spotted @ No Mutants Allowed
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