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More Fallout 3 Developer News
More Fallout 3 Developer News [ Game -> Update ]
Posted by King of Creation Thu 23 Nov 2006, 2:37 PM
More info on Person: Joel Burgess | More info on Company: Bethesda Softworks | More info on Game: Fallout 3

Fallout 3's Lead Level Designer has been revealed as Joel Burgess, and NMA has done a nice piece on him:

· In addition to working as a level designer on Oblivion, Joel'sBloodrayne 2, Aeon Flux and... ehrm, not much else.

· He was in a band named Roller Chair Derby. They had a song named "Wasteland".

· He appears to be a proponent of randomized content: Post #1, Post #2

· He's a fan of targeted shots in FO1: Post #3
impressive resume also includes

Look at Fallout 1 as an example. In that game, a headshot could blind your enemy, or you could go with my favorite and blow out kneecaps, slowing movement speed. So for that game it was about a lot more than damage returns; it also affected enemy behavior. Also - that was totally based on character skill. No amount of reflex with the mouse could help a spear-chucking troglodyte steady a sniper rifle.
Furthermore, Joel has announced that BethSoft is hiring additional level designers to work on Fallout 3. For some reason, the announcement was made on The Elder Scrolls Forums, a popular hangout of Fallout modders and developers:
Some of you folks may know of me from previous posts, as a level designer on Oblivion. I'm honored to be lead level designer for Fallout 3, and I'm looking for a few good lackeys. Those of you who have seen me around probably are also aware of my love for the mod community, so I'm very excited at the prospect of hiring modders.

So here's the deal - we're looking for people who can make great dungeons. Did you play Mehrunes Razor and say "I can do that"? Maybe you've played a quest mod that had some spectacular gameplay areas built into it? Those are the kinds of people I'm interested in. Post your name or the name of somebody who you'd reccomend, and any links to their work. Bonus points for resumes.

Please keep this thread on-topic, btw. Feel free to open additional threads for discussion, and even link to them within this thread, but this thread should be reserved for potential candidates, their info, and why they're the right person for the job.

Here are the qualifications.

LEVEL DESIGNER -- Rockville, Maryland

Design, build, and script levels for future Elder Scrolls and Fallout products. Includes working in our proprietary toolset to design, build, light, and script game areas.

Candidate should have:
· Excellent sense of 3D game space and gameflow.
· Experience with designing, building, and populating game levels.
· Experience scripting or programming complex interactivity.
· Excellent communication, documentation, and interpersonal skills.
· Experience with The Elder Scrolls Construction Set a plus.
· Game industry experience a plus.
· Experience using modular kits a plus
· Excellent, proven creative writing skills a plus

Candidate must supply an example of their work in document form complete with images and descriptions of the gameplay space, events, and implementation.
Essential links:

Bethesda hiring level designers
Joel Burgess' website.
Joel Burgess' Mobygames entry

Thanks, Briosafreak and Sander.

Addendum: posting later in the thread, Joel Burgess had a few additionata:+ If you have done work in other games, or have a great WIP you haven't released, still feel free to apply, but folks with released stuff for Oblivion and Morrowind are obviously in the best position to share work.

+ I swung by NMA last night and saw the post. Thanks!

I still think St. Toxic should apply for the Art Department.

Spotted @ No Mutants Allowed
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