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Fallout 3 Developer updates
Fallout 3 Developer updates [ Community -> Update ]
Posted by Mr. Teatime Fri 10 Nov 2006, 8:36 PM
More info on Person: Emil Pagliarulo | More info on Game: Fallout 3

Given there's a 12-page news thread with some developer-community discussion, I figured it appropriate to give a brief summary to keep the things fresh. Emil Pagliarulo, Fallout 3's Lead Designer, has had quite a bit to say, especially considering the Bethesda policy of silence on FO3 at the moment. This has also, so far, included answering some specific questions put to him by people on the forums. Here's some (not all) of what he's said:

At this point, I talk about Fallout 3 excitedly because, well, I'm excited about it. And when you do that, and can't give out any real info, it can sound like a PR spin-job. So I'll do my best to keep that stuff toned down. It's just that I've always liked to be accessible, even when I'm not at liberty to disclose any info; those of you who might know me from Blood and Shadows or TTLG understand how it goes.

In the end, you guys are going to judge Fallout 3 based on its own merits anyway, and that's the way it should be. Doesn't mean we can't communicate and pass the time together while we wait.


What I would really like to see is for BethSoft to branch-out from its current M.O. -- "OMFG grafiX!", like most game companies nowadays -- and to really focus on the more subtle things with Fallout 3.

Ultimately, what about the best of both worlds? Aren't the two capable of co-existing?

We've already heard the demand for such things on this forum: non-linear gameplay, immersion, choices, character development, etc. Ignoring the specifics, I think the majority of people on this forum are just saying one thing: "tell us a story, and make it convincing.

You've just described everything I look for in a game, certainly.

When we shall see first concept art of F3?

Hmmm... hard to say. That ball is in our marketing department's court. When you do, God knows you'll have plenty to talk about.

That said: Emil, what are the chances of bringing "outside consultants" into the Fallout 3 development process to help write the main story, and to keep it consistent both with itself and with the history of the Fallout universe? As has already been noted numerous times, Fallout-type games are not exactly B.S.'s forte. Perhaps a little bit of employment expansion should be called for.

Honestly, I think you'd be surprised by the types of things that interest our designers (games, literature, what have you), and what they're capable of. There are muscles they haven't even begun to flex yet. So, short answer -- no outside consultants. We all feel very comfortable with Fallout 3 and our combined knowledge of the world.

With even the faintest flavour of Elder Scrolls, Fallout 3 really will not be Fallout.

What, to you, constitutes Elder Scrolls "flavor"? Are you referring to "swords and sorcery," "first-person," "topic lists," or something else entirely (or all of the above)? I'm really curious to know where YOU guys draw the distinction.

That last question sounds like a good cue to give some feedback. I'll just mention one last thing taken from one of Emil's posts:

When someone communicates articulately and politely, I'm obviously much more likely to listen. When someone starts spewing vitriol, well, it's hard for me to take anyone like that seriously. But, putting myself in your shoes -- it's your right to bitch. Passion breeds passionate discourse. I'd much rather work on a game that people love and debate than one that no one gives a damn about.

So there you go. I know a lot of flaming's gone on in the past, and to be honest it was deserved with games like Brotherhood of Steel, but I've felt for a while there's a genuine opportunity here for some productive fan-developer communication, if people are open to that - and to be fair, most people seem to be, which is rather nice.

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