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Fascinating MCA interview
Fascinating MCA interview [ Person -> Interview ]
Posted by Mr. Teatime Wed 08 Mar 2006, 12:14 AM
More info on Person: Avellone, Chris

... and it's at RPG Codex. It's very well written, as is usual for MCA, and I recommend you all go and read it (though Vault Dweller could take the entire thing off the front page... CONTENT SYSTEM, MOTHERFUCKER? DO YOU USE IT?). There are plenty of mentions of Fallout in there, I'll quote one of the many bits about it:

6. Isometric vs anything else. How important the camera angle is? Does it add anything to gameplay? Some people believe that a true Fallout sequel should be isometric, some say that it's not very important? What's your opinion as an ex-Fallout developer?

Camera angle is critical to gameplay. Isometric is more tactical, less immersive, but better for any game where you have to manage more than one companion.

Is it important to Fallout? Beats me. When we were doing Fallout 3, we were doing isometric just because that's the game we wanted to make. Josh can probably say more, if you wanted to ask him.

I don't think what makes Fallout great is tied to its camera angle.

I don't think it's tied to its camera angle either, though I feel it would lose something 'fallouty' if it wasn't isometric. I loved the way the ceilings of buildings faded off as I moved my character in there. Also, the combat used the camera angle - there's a reason why Jagged Alliance 2, arguably the best TB combat game around, uses the isometric Fallout view.

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  • Fascinating MCA interview


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