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Wasteland Merc 2 Released
Wasteland Merc 2 Released [ Mod -> Update ]
Posted by King of Creation Fri 05 Aug 2005, 8:43 PM
More info on Game: Fallout 2: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game

In a triumph for the Fallout modding community, I am pleased to announce that the Wasteland Merc 2 mod for Fallout 2 has been officially released! You can download the Mod exclusively from Duck and Cover. Haris, the Project Director, sent the following along:

Features: 19 new locations, custom weapons, missions, dialogs and more. This is not an add-on, it is a campaign all its own.

What the mod is about: In this mod you are not the chosen or vault dweller, but a simple mercenary warrior that goes around the wasteland looking for missions/jobs. All missions/jobs are redoable and are intended to be done multiple times. In this sequel of wasteland merc we have taken MMORPG elements to the max in the fallout 2 setting. You are forced to balance your skill points betwen crafting skills (outdoorsman, repair, science, doctor), thieving skills (sneak, lockpick) and combat skills or you can't make it that far.

Here are some of the new features in Wasteland Merc 2:
*Mining with the outdoorsman skill by using a pickaxe or drill on rocks in mines.
*Crafting with the science, repair and doctor skills in your factory.
*Fishing in water on coasts with outdoorsman skill by using a fishing rod.
*Boxes in combat locations drop random loot and are locked and sometimes even trapped.
*Cooking by using raw food on any of the ovens.
*A huge number of missions with only money as the reward.
*More Advanced Black market locations that will help you transport ore by giving you certificates and alot more overpriced resource and experience sellers. There's even a doctor npc who can advance your stats for big money.
*You have to hunt for food or you'll have nothing to heal with. So alot of game play will take place in the wasteland hunting for brahmin, rats and geckos then cooking their meat.
*Enemies that are armed with guns and carry ammo will not drop them if they die. The only way to loot their ammo and guns is if you kill them in really special ways. This makes explosives and laser weapons more useful.

**Installation: Backup your fallout 2.exe and "fallout 2/data" folder and replace them with ones that come with this mod and you're ready to go. Also if patch000 file exist in your folder rename it to something else or move it to another folder. We are aware that there might be some minor bugs in the mod and we will fix those if we ever make an update for this mod.


Haris Tojaga:
Direction, Production, Mapping, Engineering
Contact at

Miran Tojaga:
Lead Scripting
Contact at

Carl Ratcliff:
Lead Dialog Writer, Proof Reading
Contact at

John Dunn:
Lead Custom Graphics Artist
Contact at

Simon Lindmark :
Additional Custom Graphics
Contact at

Big thanks to the people who volunteered for the static talking head pictures. In return we promised not to give out any personal information about them and all their names in-game are fake and fictional. Their in-game dialog has no connection to their real life personality.

P.S. We hope you have as much fun playing this mod as we had making it.

You can download the Mod here. Also, if you find any bugs or would just like to discuss it, please go and post your comments here.

Great job Haris and Company!

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