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Hellgate previews
Hellgate previews [ Game -> Preview ]
Posted by Mr. Teatime Thu 09 Jun 2005, 6:05 PM
More info on Game: Hellgate: London

There are two new Hellgate: London previews, one at Laser and another at VGO. The Laser one is more interesting, so here's a quote:

Speaking of weapons, Flagship estimates close to 100 base weapons in the final version of the game. As in many RPGs, each base weapon can have several named modifiers on it making the gun more powerful than a normal one of its type. Weapons and items will come in varieties ranging from common to ultra rare. You’ll be able to have two guns blazing if you are carrying smaller guns, and the larger guns, of course, will require two hands to hold. Melee combat will also be an option with a ton of swords and blunt objects for you to swing at the legions of hell. Currently if you use a melee weapon, the view will switch to the third person as the developers feel it is more intuitive than swinging a sword from the first person. The final version may or may not allow you to use melee weapons from the first person view. In case you’ve ever wanted to use a sword in one hand and a gun in the other, Hellgate: London makes that a viable option as well. Flagship promises that even though this is an RPG, you won’t have to start the game using a “rusty sword.” They would much rather give you some nifty looking firepower from the get go. It should also be noted that you cannot run out of ammo. You may modify your existing weapons with “ammo packs”, but all that serves is to do is add more power or extra effects to your arsenal.

I kind of feel having an 'ultra rare' weapon in a single player game lacks something compared to getting the same weapon in a MMO (like World of Warcraft).

Spotted @ RPG Dot
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