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Another Auto Assault preview
Another Auto Assault preview [ Game -> Preview ]
Posted by Mr. Teatime Fri 29 Apr 2005, 9:14 AM
More info on Game: Auto Assault

You can read the latest Auto Assault preview on Gamespy. Something that seemed sort of interesting was the way combat will be done:

That sort of combat system just wasn't going to cut it for NetDevil, the Colorado-based developer that's hard at work putting together Auto Assault, a post-apocalyptic game of car combat. After all, what would be the point of putting players into fast-moving wheeled death machines if hits, misses and damage were all going to be decided solely by a random number generator. The fun of fighting in a car is that it's not just about how hard you hit, it's also about whether you hit at all. NetDevil needed a way to introduce the skill-based gameplay mechanics common in first-person shooters into an MMO format. It was in searching for a solution to that problem that they stumbled across Havok.

Havok, of course, is the middleware company famous mostly for the physics engine that powers titles such as
Half Life 2, Max Payne 2, and Painkiller. Could such an engine be used to completely re-invent combat in a massively multiplayer game? What kinds of technical pitfalls would the team have to watch out for, and if it worked, what kinds of new gameplay possibilities would it open up for the gamer? We sat down for an involving conversation with Scott Brown, Project Lead and President of NetDevil, and Nick Gray, Lead Architect, Developer Relations for Havok, to talk about the Havok physics engine and why they believe that its introduction into the world of Auto Assault will change the massively multiplayer online game field forever. 

They're saying that their combat will rely less on dice rolls and more on player skill. I guess this is an massively multiplayer action game rather than an RPG.

Spotted @ Blues News
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