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Mutants Rising Updates
Mutants Rising Updates [ Mod -> Update ]
Posted by King of Creation Thu 31 Mar 2005, 1:44 AM
More info on Mod: Mutants Rising | More info on Game: Fallout 2: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game
Trolle sends word of a whole slew of Mutants Rising updates.
- Andyspacetrain from Fanout has joined the MR dev team, remember everything is recycled in the wasteland!

- We have made a small mini-game called 'Vertibird Assault' which is set after Fallout 2. The BOS has built their first Vertibird from the stolen Enclave plans. Take command of a Vertibird and mow down wave after wave of the wastelands inhabitants.
~ Ghouls
~ Super Mutants x 2
~ Mutant Wasps
~ FO weapons
~ Three poorly designed levels by wild_qwerty
~ Somewhat tested
~ Free to a good home! Get it while it's hot!
EDIT: You can also download it now from Duck and Cover.

- There is a new version of the MR website due for release.

- A new version of the dialog editor is in Development.

- Wav2Lip v.1.0. This tool generates LIP and ACM (with aid of snd2acm) files on the fly and seems to sync frames almost perfectly using 'PPFind' technology (Phoneme Position Finder) Features:
~ Accepts any type of pcm wave file
~ Changes the wave to correct format
~ Generates a LIP file
~ Doubles the speed of wav
~ Passes the wav to snd2acm which generates ACM automatically
~ LIP files are directly compatible with Anchorite's LIP Editor

It's waiting to get to do it's thing boys.. where are the voice actors?? Anyway, you can download it from here:

And From the Lance Mathers Interview Collection:

Exerpt from this reporter's interview with Chip Howell(reference number 25, From the Special Investigative Series: Explore with Lance Mathers). The sound of murmured voices clarifies. "Great shot, Richie. Get me a panoramic video shot of the muralled foyer and the tiled floor. Save the Blast Doors and the turrets for last. Yeah, that's it, now cut to Mr. Howell and I."
The camera settles on two men, one slim, tall, dark-haired and good-looking and holding a microphone, the other stocky and powerful, older with a regal mien and bearing.
"Lance Mather's here in the foyer of Luxury Haven Number Three, Heavenly Haven. With me is Chip Howell, founder of the Howell Luxury Haven Company."
Mathers: "Quite an impressive entryway you have here, Mr Howell. Are those Gatling Gun Turrets?"
Howell: (grins broadly) "Gatling Laser Turrets, Lance. Remember you aren't talking to Chucky here."
Mathers: "Ah, you mean your competitor, Charles Morton's Vault Tec..."
Howell: "You are calling Chucky a competitor, Lance? The guy is building vaults. Do you know what a vault is---It's a goddamn tomb is what it is... a place you bury people..."
Mathers: "Please Mr. Howell..."
Howell: "We are building Havens Mathers! (raises both hands above his head) Not just refuges from the world's cares, but luxurious havens prepared for every eventuality!"
Glad to know that this project is alive and very well!
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