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Morrowind modded to post-apocalyptic
Morrowind modded to post-apocalyptic [ Mod -> Update ]
Posted by Mr. Teatime Sat 26 Mar 2005, 1:36 PM
More info on Mod: Ashes of Apocalypse (Morrowind) | More info on Company: Bethesda Softworks
I've heard rumours of this, but it's the first time I've seen the mod itself... Ashes of Apocalypse mods Morrowind into a post-apocalyptic setting. There's a lengthy update on the mod's progress on Morrowind Summit:
Hello all!

There is a great deal of new stuff going on at Clone Gaming Studios!

For those who are not yet aware of this futuristic total conversion by the creators of Sea Of Destiny mod, here is a short summary: Early on in the twenty-first century the nuclear overcast mankind lived in constant balance with for nearly 100 years, got unleashed onto the face of the earth. Nations became so blind with hatred they pulverized the face of our planet with lies, bribes, false accusations, and their hard set fists. Yet somehow after all that fallout mankind stumbled out of the ashes into what one might call, a sort of renascence. Societies rebuilt themselves into shining metropolitan cities of light and promise. Technological advancements reached forth from the fables of yesterday into hover pads, medical regeneration, magnion powered clean generators of tomorrow and others. ...but nothing lasts forever, and sure enough in 2069 resources ran ever so thin granting an opening to what became known as the two year Radion Wars.. Countless cities fell under , crushed to dust under the heel of radion cluster bombs. With an uneasy peace reached in 2072 you discover yourself on the boarder of the Northern California Republic territories. The NCR is fighting to keep itself afloat in the aftermath of several recently large terrorist attacks on several of its Barrier cites. Wastelanders cannot be trusted , and neither the chivalrous seeming Mercenary Guild. The world hangs together by a string, pick a side, decide the fate of the wastelands!

We have gotten a fairly good team together over the last couple months. All these people have worked hard together to assemble a total conversion with an entirely different storyline and 100% custom meshes, models, armor, guns and vehicles. We do how ever still have many openings in Clone Gaming Studios. Come apply at our forums. It is a very easy and simple process.

Progress is going smoothly on an awesome cinematic trailer for all to see. It will be assembled using existing in-game models, as well as in-game recordings of the progress. As soon as its done the movie will appear in our sites download section.

Decisions have been made in the leadership to release the first version of Ashes Of Apocalypse as soon as errors, and bugs are smoothed out. We will be rolling on open end development, in which the mod will grow through monthly updates downloadable at our site. Anyone can sign up at our forums during that time and give us plenty of ideas on what you would like to see in this total conversion. That feedback in turn will be evaluated and most likely appear in the game. After all you are the gamers, shouldn't you have the opportunity to decide what you would like to see in the gaming world?

Lastly our site is now finished and will be regularly updated with development news pictures, and lore from the Ashes of Apocalypse world. All of this great stuff can be found at

Sincerely, NukeouT & Clone

It looks interesting, but I've searched their website but can't see one mention of Fallout, despite the mod appearing to lift the setting - not to mention the town names - from the game. Maybe it's because... of the copyright issues involved in using Morrowind Fallout when Bethesda is doing that game? I KID, I KID! icon_mrhappy
Spotted @ RPG Dot
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