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Gamespy in anti-hype shock
Gamespy in anti-hype shock [ Company -> Editorial ]
Posted by Mr. Teatime Wed 16 Mar 2005, 11:45 AM
More info on Company: Troika Games | More info on Company: Bethesda Softworks
As a followup to the eulogy to Troika last week, Gamespy's "resident cynic" has put up a feedback page where he responds to emails from readers on the subject. Surprisingly, for a hype-filled site like Gamespy, some of his responses are candid:
Bethesda's RPGs take four years and suck. They're huge, sprawling, soulless, massively single-player games. Morrowind would probably have actually been good, if it had a shorter dev schedule. Instead it was a jumbled mess. I tried to play it three separate times and had to give up because it was just horrible.

Two-year dev schedules are brutal because, and I say this with all love, developers *screw around* a lot. It's like the early days of GameSpy. We were all there sixteen hours a day. It was horrible. With better project management and if we'd spent less time messing around, we could've cut it to twelve or less, easy (and our work would've been better for it). You learn that over time. It's the reason Raven can pump out an uninspired but playable title every 12 months. They've mastered the scheduling aspect. If you gave them a two-year dev cycle, they'd produce something amazing. All that said, I've heard from several Troika employees, all of them off the record, about what went down there. Suffice to say that it was a combination of things on both the developer and publisher sides, which doesn't really surprise me. What I'm impressed with is how public the Troika founders have been in taking responsibility for their mistakes. But yes, there was more fault there on Activision's part than I probably indicated in the column. I was trying to step away from publisher-bashing for once. You know that I'm like 95% in the developers' camp, most of the time.
Morrowind wasn't much fun for me either. For one, loading new areas every 10 seconds and the interior/exterior loads (which I think are still present in Oblivion) did a lot to break immersion. Hopefully Fallout 3 will take a different path.
Spotted @ RPG Dot
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