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Oblivion interview - hints for FO3?
Oblivion interview - hints for FO3? [ Game -> Interview ]
Posted by Mr. Teatime Thu 10 Mar 2005, 2:56 PM
More info on Company: Bethesda Softworks | More info on Game: Fallout 3 (Bethesda) | More info on Person: Gavin Carter
Whilst a lot of Fallout 3 is going to be different from Oblivion, there are some things that the games will share. A new interview with Gavin "Kathode" Carter at GamesFirst gives some hints (well, one, but it's a slow news day):
GamesFirst!: How have the NPCs been revamped for Oblivion as opposed to Morrowind?

Gavin Carter:
Reworking our NPCs is a major focus for us with Oblivion. Everything about NPCs has been redone from the ground up. For starters, all of their dialog is fully voiced. Being able to actually hear the characters speak out loud really adds to the atmosphere. We're making revisions to how dialog functions in the game as well. Gone are the encyclopedic database characters of Morrowind who had lists of generic topics that scrolled off the screen. We're trying hard to give all NPCs a sense of personality and keeping their topics down to things that are interesting and unique. The dialog system itself has been revamped to remove the hyperlink-style keywords sprinkled in among the dialog. You're now presented with topics and dialog choices in between NPC dialogs. We find this helps you focus on the information (as well as our incredible facial animation system) much more, instead of just hunting through the dialogs for the colored words like in Morrowind.
It's hardly likely Fallout 3 would have used the pretty terrible dialogue system from Morrowind, so I think the important bit here is the part I highlighted. If Oblivion, with its 100 billion NPCs, is fully voice-acted, it's safe to assume that Fallout 3 with "20 to 40 really deep strong characters" will be fully voiced as well. If they can get the quality of the voice-overs up to the standard of Bloodlines, I'll be happy.
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  • Oblivion interview - hints for FO3?


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