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Fallout 3 article
Fallout 3 article [ Game -> Editorial ]
Posted by Mr. Teatime Wed 09 Mar 2005, 5:07 PM
More info on Person: Todd Howard | More info on Person: Sean K. Reynolds | More info on Company: Bethesda Softworks | More info on Game: Fallout 3 (Bethesda)
There's a new sensationalist story on The Fallout Drama! at It makes some disturbing comparisons to Morrowind:
Given that Morrowind (for which he was project leader) is rich in multiple character options, fans should expect Fallout 3 to remain true to its parent's versatility.

There are concerns that Bethesda's love of multi-platform games will lead Fallout 3 to be simplified so as to comply with the mass-market console industry. Mr. Howard replies by recommending that Morrowind should first be played on PC, and then on Xbox: "Anyone who says a console game can't have depth hasn't played enough of them. The platform is 100-per-cent irrelevant."

Mr. Reynolds says he believes Obsidian would have done a good job on a sequel. Nonetheless, he is "reasonably optimistic" about Bethesda's handling of Fallout 3, simply because he knows the company is doing the project for love, not money. "The Fallout name wasn't strong enough to send copies of Fallout: Tactics and Brotherhood of Steel flying off the shelves," he says.

His suggestions for the Fallout 3 development team?

"Follow the genre," he says. "Don't make in-jokes or Monty Python references. No supernatural elements. Stick closer to Fallout than Fallout 2 for the theme and feel of the game."

There are some new quotes in there from Sean K. Reynolds and Todd Howard, so it's interesting to read for those. I'm not happy with the first sentence in the section above though: luckily I'm pretty certain Bethsoft see Fallout and The Elder Scrolls as pretty different. The author could do with checking his facts as well: Black Isle didn't make Fallout 1.

Oh, and FYI, Sean, Fallout Tactics and BOS didn't sell because they sucked. A load of people pre-ordered Tactics, they just stopped buying it after the first week because it was a disappointment. Make Fallout 3 right, and you'll get your sales figures.

EDIT: And what's this Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel they mention that was released for consoles? Some horrible mutated monster of a Fallout game that requires you to lead a squad of thong wearing women to take out a giant robot vibrator?
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