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Some Troika rumours
Some Troika rumours [ Company -> Update ]
Posted by Mr. Teatime Fri 25 Feb 2005, 1:01 PM
News related to Top Story: Troika Games closing down | More info on Company: Troika Games
Urizen has sent along some rumours he heard from some guy down the pub about Troika. These are unconfirmed but confirmation may come over the next few days.
  1. The list of equipment that surfaced recently was bogus. All of Troika's equipment was leased to them by Nvidia, so they wouldn't have anything to sell anyways.
  2. In exchange for the equipment, Nvidia would receive a certain portion of whatever money bloodlines made.
  3. Activision made Troika pump up the action amount in Bloodlines at the cost of dialogue and interaction and a lot of the staff at Troika was so pissed of by this that they chose to leave the company. They DIDN'T leave because they were laid off.
All of those seem likely, though point number one is contradicted by someone called Marker at NMA:
I was actually at Troika's liquidation sale this past Saturday. I was skeptical whether it was true or not, but I took the drive out there w/ a couple of friends. Place was pretty barren. We were told that employees took most of the good stuff. There were about a dozen monitors and a dozen computers for sale. Bunch of cables and furniture were also available.

I got a 19" Viewsonic monitor (flatscreen) for $60 and a 21" Integraph monitor for $55. Also picked up Neverwinter Nights for $1. One of my friends picked up two Geforce4 Ti4200s for $5 each. Another friend got two of the Viewsonics. The computers ranged from Athlon 1200-1800 and were $300 - $400 each. They all came w/ 512mb - 2gb ram, radeon 9200-9700 and either a CD or DVD-ROM drive. There were a couple of dual-processor ones as well.

I was hoping to find some actual gaming memoribilia (standees, dummy boxes, etc) but the few things that were there (like a door-sized PC Gamer magazine cover w/ Vampire featured) they said they were holding onto.
Finally, again at NMA, Troika_Alumn talked about the decency of man:
[some NMA person] at least I haven't heard about class action lawsuits for back wages, or any claims that "we're still here".
You won't be hearing anything of the sort. Leonard, Jason and Tim were the first three to be laid-off. They stopped paying themselves long before they let the most junior member of the team go.

And that was par for the course. The three of them are a class act and this whole thing is a crying shame.
Poor Troika. I felt they always wanted to have the money, time and freedom to show us their potential, but things never worked out that way.
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