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Auto Assault stuff at Gamespy
Auto Assault stuff at Gamespy [ Game -> Interview ]
Posted by Mr. Teatime Thu 17 Feb 2005, 11:29 AM
More info on Game: Auto Assault | More info on Company: NetDevil | More info on Person: Ryan Seabury
Gamespy have put up an interview with Ryan Seabury, the Design Director of Auto Assault.
GameSpy: Talk a bit about the game's three races. What makes them distinct from one another? What are their motivations in the game?

Ryan Seabury: Humans are attempting to re-establish their version of civilization. Due to some recent refinements in shielding technology they developed from salvaged alien technology, they are now capable of equipping personnel with effective and portable radiation and contamination shields. Humans generally are proficient with energy manipulation in all of its forms: electricity, lasers, shielding, that sort of thing. Human culture is organized as a quasi-corporate structure that governs those who still remain underground.

Mutants have formed an entire religion around their status as "The Changed." They believe they have been chosen by a higher power to prepare the planet for divine ascension, and they pursue this goal with incredible zeal. Due to their nature, mutants share a close relationship with the contaminated environment. In fact, as masters of contamination they even infuse their construction materials with it. Mutants seek to "spread the gospel" and actively help the alien contamination spread and grow.

The Biomeks are composed entirely of bio-mechanically enhanced humans. After they were betrayed by the humans, Biomeks began to actively recruit wasteland survivor volunteers to receive mechanical enhancement. Since original memories are often lost during the process, though, it is unclear how many Biomeks actually joined of their own free will. Biomeks have little regard for most organic life except as material that can be bio-mechanized. They are masters of hazardous materials such as corrosive, radioactive, or incendiary devices. They generally regard efficiency as a paramount virtue, and tight integration with robotics and electronics pervades the cultural mind of the Biomeks.
I can't really think of much to say about this game. I couldn't even see any stupid mistakes in Gamespy's content, which is unusual. The only MMO I've ever paid for is World of Warcraft, which I bought yesterday.
Spotted @ Voodoo Extreme
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