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Krazikatt interviewed
Krazikatt interviewed [ Community -> Interview ]
Posted by Mr. Teatime Mon 14 Feb 2005, 5:38 PM
More info on Person: Sandi McClear | More info on Company: Black Isle Studios
There's an interview with Sandi "Krazikatt" McClear over at Winterwind Productions. For those who don't know or care, Krazikatt was the head admin on the old Interplay boards, which really, really sucked.
WW: After a long history of financial difficulty, in December of 2003, IPLY closed Black Isle Studios and let go of most of the employees. When a member from the NMA site posted on the IPLY forums a list of the released employees and asked for confirmation you replied, correcting some of the names on the list. As a result you were censured and banned from the forums you ran. You were ordered to lie to the moderator team and forum members about the reason for your absence. What affect did this have on you? Was this what lead to your decision to leave the company?

SM: Yep. This was the straw that broke the camels back. The fact that they thought what I did was so horrible that they wanted me to lie to the people who I had gained trust in, was just absurd to me. I thought they were kidding when they told me that I needed to "voluntarily step down" from the position of admin and that I was no longer allowed to post on the boards without getting their approval on my post first. I was forced to tell everyone that I was voluntarily stepping down and that I wouldn't be around anymore because I was too busy. What a crock of shit! I was hoping that people didn't really believe this and somehow realized what was really happening. And when people had questions for me about it I was not allowed to answer. I just thought this whole situation was handled so poorly. Seriously, I consider myself to have good judgement... especially when it comes to posting company info on message boards. What I posted was public knowledge, I simply told them that some of the people they thought were laid off were in fact still working. Anyhow, I could rant on this forever. From this day forward I was so upset and bitter at the people who made me do that, that I immediately went out and found a new job. Ba bye! Have fun running the website by yourself!
The boards were horrible from what I remember, though I don't remember that much of them. That probably indicates that they were so horrible my mind has blacked out a lot of memories of them. I never really knew Krazikatt either, but I doubt the suckage of the Interplay boards was her fault. I remember there were some horrible Interplay suckup mods, and Krazikatt wasn't one of them from what I recall.

It's an interesting interview, though all this nostalgia is getting kind of annoying. Black Isle is dead, Van Buren's quality was debatable, and it was all over a year ago.
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