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Two Restricted Area previews
Two Restricted Area previews [ Game -> Preview ]
Posted by Mr. Teatime Wed 09 Feb 2005, 11:33 AM
More info on Company: Master Creating | More info on Game: Restricted Area
There are two more Restricted Area previews online today. To save time, here they are in one news post.

Firstly Gamespy previewed the game, based on an early preview version. The preview is badly written and researched (Persistent Online Action RPG?), but I've managed to pick out a part that seems accurate:
The game plays much like Diablo, with the emphasis on fighting hordes of monsters and gaining lots of loot. You don't have to worry about ammo for your weapons, and you'll get enough stuff to fill all your inventory slots just in the first level or two of the first dungeon.
Then Gaming Nexus decided to write a hands-on preview as well:
The action was fast paced and gritty. Ammunition never seems to run out, so whether using the shotgun, automatic rifle, plasma launcher, or flame thrower, I never had to pause to reload. All of the enemies expired in appropriately gruesome fashion, and looked great doing it. In fact, the entire game looks fabulous. There's still life in the isometric 2D game, and Restricted Area proves it. I was also impressed at how smoothly and quickly things seemed to run. This style of game demands an almost frantic pacing, and RA delivers. Wave after wave of giants, zombies, and face-hugger things were quickly dealt with. I believe I was in an early portion of the game, so the difficulty wasn't ramped up too high yet.
I suppose a Diablo-clone relies on keeping its combat interesting and having good l3wt to collect. Enemies dying gorily is one step toward keeping the combat interesting, and somewhat surprising given the game comes from Germany, where violence is usually censored.
Spotted @ RPG Dot
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  • Two Restricted Area previews


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