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Damien 'Puuk' Foletto interview, part 2
Damien 'Puuk' Foletto interview, part 2 [ Person -> Interview ]
Posted by Mr. Teatime Fri 04 Feb 2005, 10:23 PM
More info on Game: Fallout 3 (Van Buren) | More info on Company: Interplay | More info on Person: Damien 'Puuk' Foletto
It's been a while since Part 1, but Winterwind Productions have put up Part Two of their interview with Damien 'Puuk' Foletto, formally of Black Isle Studios.
WW: As every Fallout fan knows, the story of Van Buren has the player falling asleep in one prison cell and awaking in another, not knowing how or why they're there, and managing to escape into the desert being pursued by robots. There was also a mad goddess with a cult of worshippers. Can you tell us any more of the story line?

DF: I'm sure I'll miss a lot, but I'll try. The overall story involves the player discovering he is a carrier of a nasty virus that if it does not kill you, it makes you sterile. After "escaping" the prison because of a strange assault by what looks like NCR soldiers, the player immediately has the freedom to go where they want. During the course of his adventures, the player discovers that in order to get the prison robots to cease their pursuit, the player must hunt down and retrieve several escaped prisoners and return them to their cell, where the prison computer checks off the prisoners from its list. The player later discovers that returning the prisoners conveys to the computer where the prisoners went to and how far the virus has been spread throughout the wasteland. Once enough prisoners have been tallied, the computer unlocks an orbiting nuclear missile station and begins a countdown to "cleansing" the land. As it turns out, this is the situation the main bad guy wants, because he wants to "cleanse" the earth's surface (at least the American portion) so he can start the human race anew. The player is then tasked with finding a way to the orbiting station to stop the bad guy - or help him, if he so chooses. I'm sure I forgot quite a few things. Oh, and the orbiting station looks like the round, spinning 50's conception of orbiting stations and the rocket that takes the player there looks like a cone-shaped rocket with fins; very 50's as well. In fact, the concept art was based on 50's illustrations from pulp sci-fi publications from the time. No space shuttles, to quell the sceptics.

I don't know the whole story, but to me that sounds awfully like the plot from Fallout 1.

Here's some lighthearted humour:
WW: Between the closure of Black Isle and your brief tenure at EA, you worked as a freelance designer with Silver Style (in Germany) on their PA title The Fall. How did you approach your work considering you didn't have to "go to the office" each day?

DF: I started up my computer in the morning and worked on the material SS sent me. I would catalogue my hours worked, turn it in at the end of two weeks, and repeat. It was pretty easy, actually. Email is a wondrous thing.

WW: What can you tell us about your contributions to The Fall?

DF: I can only say generalities because of my NDA with them. It was a very short period that I worked for them and, since I have not played the game, I have no idea if they even used anything I wrote up. Unfortunately, I cannot say what I did write up. Sorry.
That sounds like the easiest job in the world. I'm currently unemployed and would love to work for SilverStyle as an external consultant. I have lots of good ideas for The Fall, many of them involving mutants and a post-apocalyptic theme. I posted on the Black Isle message boards for a short period of time before they closed so as you can see I have ample qualification.

Overall it's an interesting read, just like the first part.
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