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Lionheart Updates From The Inquisition
Lionheart Updates From The Inquisition [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Killzig Sun 16 Jun 2002, 10:14 PM
Our little buddy Rex has posted some semi-interesting updates from E.D. :

Exorcism: That was one of the things that really clicked for me when I tied the spirit magic mechanic with a Europe dominated by the Inquisition. In Lionheart's world, an exorcism could drive out a spirit, depending on the power of the exorcist and the spirit. This won't happened *too* often, as the effects would be pretty debilitating, but you might possibly encounter situations like this in the story...

Game Suggestions: We are working hard to approach an alpha deadline, so we are technically pre-alpha at this state. In terms of the story, it's pretty well plotted out, all the locations have been chosen and the characters have been detailed. Much of the dialogue is being created at this point, many of the levels have been created and detailed and await more scripting.

So, are we still taking suggestions? Within reason, I suppose, and we are listening. There are some things we can't or won't change, but there are still things we can adjust, provided it makes the game fun. If we put everyone's suggestions in a) the game production cycle would never end and b) the hodge-podge design by committee approach would make a Frankenstein of a game.

I don't want to inhibit your collective imaginations and say we're not taking suggestions, but try not to be offended or turned off if we don't include the city or historical character you were hoping to see. It's a big, but ultimately finite game, and we have to define the constraints of the world.

Certain mechanics of the game will definitely be adjusted as the game enters more of a rigourous playtesting period. We know many of you have strong opinions about some of the bigger issues (i.e. pause), but for that particular issue we've seen a very polarized response, with people strongly for and against it. That is an example of an issue that Black Isle and Reflexive will have to resolve based on more testing.

As we unveil more of these mechanics, we'll certainly be looking at the boards for responses, but that is but one of many determining factors we consider when deciding on whether something gets implemented, tweaked, or left out of the game.

Thanks for understanding.

Thanks to The Inquistion for the news.
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