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More Kickstarter Madness pt.2: Dead State
More Kickstarter Madness pt.2: Dead State [ Game -> Update ]
Posted by Tofu Man Thu 22 Mar 2012, 3:52 PM
More info on Game: Dead State | More info on Company: DoubleBear Studios | More info on Person: Bryan Mitsoda

Et tu, Brian? Not a week goes by nowadays without another RPG developer coming out of the bushes with Kickstarter fever. Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not complaining. Well, not about this game, at any rate. Dead State is the title in question, the zombie apocalypse survival RPG being developed by DoubleBear Studios, led by Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines writer and all 'round good malkavian Brian Mitsoda. He posted the following on his site's forums:

"(...) Some of us were keeping an eye on this newfangled Kickstarter service that was featuring more and more interesting projects all the time. While there were a few games on there, nothing was really pulling in the money needed for an RPG with a 10+ person team. We were pretty sold on the possibilities, but ultimately it came down to whether or not we thought we had the game in a state where we’d be comfortable asking people to fund our continued development.


There is now both an awareness and excitement over the possibilities, and some pretty big projects (way higher than our budget) getting funded through Kickstarter. I’m not so sure it’s “the future” yet and I expect Kickstarter fatigue to set in as every short-on-cash dev tries their luck at the crowdsourcing game. The last thing we want to do is look like a “me too” project trying to ride the gamer goldrush (dolla dolla bill, y’all!) – but I expect that there are going to be quite a few projects that have no such hang-ups.

I still don’t think we’re quite ready for a Kickstarter launch, but we’re starting to head in that direction. I think putting a bit of distance between any possible launch and the massive projects being funded right now is probably a smart move, though I’m not a bizdev guy, so who knows. (...)"

As with many of his or his dev team's quite bloggy entries on making the game, this Kickstarter matter is up for discussion at their forums, so if you want to chip in some advice, be sure to head there.

Dead State1

Holy crap, they got Rick!

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  • More Kickstarter Madness pt.2: Dead State


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