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Brian Fargo Interview On RPS
Brian Fargo Interview On RPS [ Game -> Interview ]
Posted by Tofu Man Mon 12 Mar 2012, 4:47 PM
More info on Company: inXile Entertainment | More info on Person: Brian Fargo | More info on Game: Wasteland 2

Yours truly's main news supplier, Rock Paper Shotgun, posted a quite extensive interview with Interplayer turned inXiler, Mr. Brian Fargo earlier today. Fargo's Wasteland 2 Kickstarter campaign is obviously the big issue here, as you're welcome to find if you'll head on down. Here are some snippets:

"It’s pretty much all guns on this I have to say, if it’s going to have a chance to be successful you’ve got to be really focused on it and I swear to you, I put the documents away like three weeks ago in a drawer, thinking ‘that’s the end of that’. (...) And then Schafer’s thing kicked in and I felt ‘oh that was interesting’, and then right away on Twitter some fans were going ‘ok, let’s do Wasteland’."

"I wanted to do it right so that when we launched it was done in a professional manner, not just some knee-jerk reaction to him (EN: Tim Schafer) being successful."

"(...) Many of the fans have been lied to over the years so something which might sound like an innocuous statement they take very negatively, because they’ve been burned by marketing folks."

"(...) I’m a very blunt guy and so marketing and PR people, I rubbed all of them the wrong way up at Bethesda." (EN: on Hunted: The Demon's Forge)

"(...) And by the way we’re lowering it to $900, 000, and I’m going to kick in the last $100, 000 just to make sure this thing happens."

"I’m trying to make this game to appeal to people who like the old school roleplaying games from the 90s, not just Wasteland, so it goes beyond that, it’s Wasteland, it’s Fallout, it’s Baldur’s Gate, it’s Icewind Dale, it’s that whole genre of product. Having just party based games, good old party based games with tactical combat, I love that stuff, love that stuff."

(EN: on Interplay) "(...) we weren’t making money, so production costs were going up and Blizzard was sucking up all the air in the room for PC, so we got in this funky place of ‘ok, well let’s try to do console’, we bought Shiny in to help shore that up, and they go and make a PC game. Well that didn’t help (...)"

"I think we have some really clever [Kickstater] tiers too. One thing that the people love on the tiers is the box for 50 bucks. They get an old school box with a nice manual, and a map inside, an actual disc, that kind of stuff, to bring that old school back, because I love having that stuff on my shelf and I miss not having it anymore."

Fargo's Wasteland 2 project has already been submitted to Kickstarter and should go live later this week.

Spotted @ Rock Paper Shotgun
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  • Brian Fargo Interview On RPS


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