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Game over man- game over! Aliens vs Predator Redux is out.
Game over man- game over! Aliens vs Predator Redux is out. [ Community -> Article ]
Posted by SenisterDenister Sun 30 Oct 2011, 6:03 PM
More info on Community: #duckandcover | More info on Mod: Aliens vs Predator Classic 2000 Redux | More info on Game: Aliens vs Predator Classic 2000

Duck and Cover's own Mad_Max_RW has been working tirelessly on a huge overhaul on the Steam copy of Aliens vs Predator Classic 2000 which he had named simply Redux. AvP Classic Redux 2.0 has finally been released for all of those who wanted a definitely more hardcore and refined experience with your game; but don't just listen to me yammer on about it, here are some words straight from the horse's mouth.

People who just heard about this mod are probably wondering what it is. To put it simply, AvP Redux is a remake of the original Aliens vs Predator PC game from 1999/2000. All of the old block-like models are replaced with new extremely detailed characters, weapons, HUD objects, and everything in between (many of which are redone versions from 2010's AvP3 made by the same developer, Rebellion). Nearly all of the sounds are replaced or beefed up. Both the singleplayer and multiplayer collection of maps are redone with true high resolution textures. That's a jump from 128x128 (original size used for everything from model skins to maps) to 1024x1024 and 2056x2056. In addition I remade, expanded, and made various tweaks throughout the singleplayer campaigns. Oh, and many new multiplayer maps as well as the officially released map packs are included. The majority of which support coop and offline skirmish. Altogether you have about 40-50 maps to run around and kill things in.

If you haven't played the original AvP I highly recommend first checking it out clean. You will appreciate the game (and mod) so much more by not spoiling yourself right away. It's $4.99 on Steam. The Redux mod only works properly for the updated re-release, so please don't come crying to me if your 10 year old CD copy of AvP Gold Edition breaks.

That's pretty much it. From here on out I will be releasing minor addons such as alternate character models/skins, weapons, maps, and the occasional patch when needed.

That's all the news about it for now, but what are you waiting for? Go give it a spin. Having tested previous versions of this mod and played 1.0 I can say that if you own Aliens vs Predator and won't download this you're neglecting to choose a greatly superior gaming experience. I, for one, welcome our new alien and predator overlords.

Spotted @ The Mod Database
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