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DaC's Random Mash-up #2
DaC's Random Mash-up #2 [ Community -> Article ]
Posted by Tofu Man Sun 23 Oct 2011, 8:16 AM
More info on Game: Doom 4 | More info on Company: Bethesda Softworks | More info on Person: Pete Hines

So wilkommen back mein friends to ze show that ends whenever my time does and this, episode ACHTUNG! ZWEI! of DaC's gaming mashup, brought to you by [ZIS SPACE FUR RENTZ - CONTACT HERR KOCH]. Now, to business, SCHNELL!

EIN) As you may well have heard, the dolts at Kotaku shocked the whole gaming world (not really) by reporting that, according to "some bloke", Doom 4 had been indefinetly postponed. Unsurprisingly, that turned out to be bullpoo, at least according to our dear friend at the Besthapo, mr. Pete Hiney, who had this to say. Nevermind then, here's the Sex Pistols something else that's of actual interest, a question Rock Paper Shotgun posed to its viewers: What do you want from Doom 4? Predictably, people wanted an actual Doom and not Doom III part 2 (don't ask me, I thought it was ok). Release unknown.

ZWEI) What's looking to be the most loved/hated game of the near future, Diablo 3 got its cinematic cherry popped midway through last week and because I can't be bothered bringing you MMO news on time, here it is now. My memory isn't the best but if it wasn't for the title, I'd never have guessed that pertained to Diablo because it looks nothing like the old cinematics. Couldn't they at least have dressed shiny-mouth-starcraft-alien-with-bony-wings in a cloak? Coming out Q1 2012.

DREI) Disappointing game du week for me, Payday: the Heist, got a slightly favorable review from Destructoid's Jim Sterling, who's supposed to be a bit of a cunt.

"(...)I've played the two versions of PAYDAY across a number of hours and haven't even succeeded in a large number of heists, but that hasn't stopped me having a real laugh with it. PAYDAY: The Heist is a classic example of a diamond in the rough, a game that is just too enjoyable at its core for any of its issues to remain unforgivable. I have a feeling that, with continued support, it will only get better and better, and I think that shooter fans looking for something both different and perversely empowering will get a real kick out of what PAYDAY: The Heist has to offer. It has most definitely stolen itself a victory."

He's on the take! The interloper! Naaah, but seriously, the game isn't that hot, far as I care. Metacritic seems to be slightly confused, though. Low average on PS3 but high on PC. It is a game that, like L4D, might improve severely given a decent community, so keep that in mind. Out now.

FIER) IS OUTTA CONTROL WE GONNA BU- Right, I wanted to do one for the 'murkans here, like a halloween game or something but I messed up for several reasons. One, no-one gives much of a crap about halloween outside the U.S.; Two, it's late and I can't think of anything; Three, everyone already knows that if you want a laxative in computer game form, all you have to do is play Amnesia. And bring some Milky Ways. Out like a century ago.

UND....RANDOMSGEFLUGEL!) Hmmm, random ends up being a two-in-one recommend off of a film I watched recently, called Hanna, which follows a teenager tasked to kill a CIA agent. Film itself is pretty good (and features a heck of a one-camera-shot fight scene) but it's the OST, courtesy of Ze Chemikal Brothers, that stands out. Stands out because it doesn't belong in that movie and because it doesn't need any damn movie to be good enough for lis'ning purposes. A small comfort since Justice's last album turned out to be absolute merde.

And yes, all the Doom 4 I want is none at all.

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