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DaC's Random Mash-up #1
DaC's Random Mash-up #1 [ Community -> Article ]
Posted by Tofu Man Sat 15 Oct 2011, 2:15 PM
More info on Game: Syndicate | More info on Company: DoubleBear Studios | More info on Person: Bryan Mitsoda | More info on Film & TV: The Walking Dead

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends and this, DaC's first general gaming news mash-up, brought to you by Small Dusty Box Of Some Sort (tm), a segment where we take a short look at some not-so-random upcoming titles and end on a slightly-more-random general tip.

One) Heading off the segment is Dead State, the upcoming zombie survival RPG by former Troika employee Bryan Mitsoda and his chaps at Double Bear.

Dead State convo

It's been a slow past couple of months on the update front (for instance, the game's site list its last press appearance as a RPS mention slightly over a year ago and the site itself hasn't been updated in five months) but activity in the game's forums and timely design updates by the devs indicate that it's still alive and kicking. And looking for help, so if you've free time, relevant skills and aren't called Cakester, do follow the link. Release TBA.

Two) Earlier this week, Syndicate got its very own first narrated playthrough-for-promotional-purposes. Oddly enough (on the video upload that's linked below) it seems that only the fans of the old game got wind of it, if Youtube comments and that like-bar-thingy are anything to go by.

To be released 21/02/2012 (Cheeky, huh? Why not 20/12/2012 instead? Better yet, why not 99/99/9999???)

(Spotted @ Rockpapershotgun)

Three) Deus Ex: Human Revolution publishers/developers are doing the ever so popular "let's split our game into 10 pieces so we can ask 200 dollars for it", starting with The Missing Link dlc. Woooo, ambitious. CVG reviewed it yesterday and as I'm not particularly fond of doing the pokemon "collect all the missing missions (for 15$ each)", I'll let them say their piece, however positive.

(...)Among the other mild downers, dialogue animations are as bizarrely spasmodic as ever, though the dialogue itself is very good, and the plot, while graced by some entertaining characters, is a predictable tale of corporate skulduggery. The game's big card - human trafficking - might have been played with more edge.

Still, it's more than a match for the average DLC plotline - more than a match, in fact, for many full-priced solo action releases. As opening gambits in a DLC strategy go, The Missing Link is a hard act to follow. Here's hoping this is but the first link in a solid gold chain.
(Edwin Evans-Thirlwell for

If it turns out they're wrong and you just wasted 15$, don't say I didn't warn you. Out on October the 18th.

(Spotted @ ComputerAndVideoGames)

Four) Fourth item's a bit of a doozy. A strategic flash game that's not about towers and defenders and something I caught completely by chance, Sarah Northway's sequel to Rebuild, Rebuild 2 (I KNOW! IT'S UNCANNEH!). I haven't played it yet, but if it's anything like it's predecessor then it's a pretty cool little timekiller and a pretty interesting new take on that ol' zombie apocalypse background that keeps pumping out shooters.

Here, however, your job is to reclaim your city, block by block, as you juggle your assets on several fronts. Should you have the soldiers clear out the farm next door or should you have them guard the fence instead? Try and recruit other survivors, or just take their block and forcefully evict them? Features multiple endings, too. Play it here.

and... Random!) Ok, random today isn't that random, rather keeping with the whole brain-gobbler "theme". The Walking Dead season 2 premieres tomorrow, so if you like what you saw previously, then you get more of that. If you didn't, you should at least know this first episode's written by Frank Darabont of The Mist, Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile fame, so there's that. But then he did write and direct at least some of the 1st season so... huh... your choice.

If you're american, that's on on AMC. If you're not, then there's always The Pee Bee.

Alternatively, you could always go sit in front of some government building today.

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