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Old World Blues Review
Old World Blues Review [ Game -> Review ]
Posted by Doc Hill Wed 20 Jul 2011, 6:52 PM
More info on Game: Fallout New Vegas: Old World Blues

Heya folks, since I reviewed the last two, I figured It was time to review the third in a planned line of four, count em FOUR!, dlcs for Fallout New Vegas, Old World Blues.

I'm going to preface this by saying I'm a huge fan of both Fallout 2 and Venture Brothers. I know, non-sequiter much? But it's very relevant. This dlc was built, top down, on that brand of humor. Fallout 2 had a slightly zanier humor than the subdued black humor of it's predecessor, which did polarize the fan base a bit at the time. Fallout 3 and New Vegas, while both attaining some rather odd moments, have stuck more or less to the black humor department, so Old World Blues is a breath of something new.

That being said, some people will not find this funny. I have a rather low sense of humor, and some things that amuse me to no end, I know will fall on uncaring ear elsewhere. Hence why I brought up Fallout 2 and Venture Brothers. Fallout 2 to illustrate that insane humor has it's place in Fallout, Venture Brothers because...well dammit, this is what the dlc is.

The entire dlc is built around bumbling, incompatant, and downright insane science and scientists. Going so far as to have the voice of Doctor Venture as one of the scientists, play...well...Doctor Venture with a different name...oh, and he's a brain.

We'll get back to the humor on the wrap up, now on to the nuts and bolts.In Old World Blues you are kidnapped by 5 scientists, now floating brains, and have your brain removed. You are then tasked with saving their quivering graymatter. You get to spelunk around the Big Mountain complex and discover what happens when slightly insane scientists have unlimited funding.You Get the added bonus of your own base of operations, The Sink, with talking appliances and various usefull items, like an autodoc, a vendor, and your very own fully stocked plant garden(after you stock it)

The DLC is reasonably long, clocking 12 hours my first playthrough to discover everything, and about 3-6 subsequent playthroughs (summer break, bored out of my head)The new weapons give us new unarmed, melee, energy and traditional weapons. There is a truly outstanding new armor option for stealth players, and various scrubs if you have a doctor fetish. Most of the weapons will feel underpowered, but that's more because of the fact that everything at Big Moutain has either heavy armor or alot of health, take them back to the mojave to REALLY get your kicks.

The K9000 will feed your bullet lust for gunlovers, a dog brain guided .357 spewing minigun, it's actually twisted fun to use.Additionaly there is a new unique sniper rifle with intergrated silencer and higher damage. For melee we've got various energy axes, smash them in the head and throwing variety, and...well, a giant tesla coil like device. Unarmed get various chemicly treated gloves and a new powerfist that can be superheated. Energy weapons are where it's at though. The Sonic Emmiter is the main attraction, a tunable pulse pistol like weapon, it's emp is weaker, but you can customize it's damage output and additional stats such as knokback, dismemberment,immolation, or explosions. The LAER is finally in game, a long cut idea, and a strong addition to the energy weapon stable, somwhere btween a fully upgraded laser rifle and the plasma rifle.There's also a new tesla cannon lurking about.

Armorwise, it's mostly some interesting stat items, but then there's the Sneaky Stealth Suit. It talks, so get used to that, but it increases agility, perception, sneak by 25% and increases you speed while sneaking by 20%.DING! We have a winner.

Various new perks and traits are all around, along with the one time chance to redo your traits. None of them impressed me. The Autodoc in your home base, The Sink, can cut your hair and do plastic surgery,and instal new, somewhat odd, and ver specific implants, so that's nice. There's some more information about the origin of some of the Mojave's mutated denizens, as well as some more backstory on the Sierra Madre.And we finally get to hear the voice of Ulysses, who they've been building up since Dead Money.

I loved this dlc, personally, I find the jokes funny, the area engaging to explore, and the new toys fun to play with. The story itself is thin on the ground in this one, but the point of this one isn't the story. Think of it as one big, long, Fallout 2 style special encounter, ala the City at the Edge of Forever event. And that's sorta what will probably influence if you like this or not the most. It really does sorta play as a post apocalyptic episode of the Venture Brothers, and if you enjoy that show, you are likely to be deeply amused. If not...well there's still alot here along the lines of useful content, weapons, armor, and The Sink.The Sink alone is a helpful boon for hardcore players. If you're interested, I'd say this is the first dlc worth the price of admission right now. Again, this is my opinion, yours may vary, yadda yadda yadda.

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