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"Fallout: Between Good & Evil" Project Update
"Fallout: Between Good & Evil" Project Update [ Mod -> Update ]
Posted by King of Creation Sun 02 May 2010, 10:18 AM
More info on Mod: Fallout: Between Good and Evil

Marek "Mr. Lizard" Fiser, project leader on Fallout: Between Good & Evil, sent in a message to let us know about some updates happening with the total-conversion mod.

By now it’s probably obvious that we don’t update you very frequently. In this field it’s common to say that this is because we put all of our time into the actual game instead. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The productivity of many team members goes from bad to worse, which is why we’re still looking for fresh new faces (you know where to look for details), who can deal with a regular work supply. This particularly concerns programmers (as always!), but you can basically do anything as long as you put effort in.

All of this also relates to the rather heated topic of the release date. I hereby guarantee that you’re not gonna hear about any release dates from us – no exact dates, no vague approximations, nothing. All the other projects have tried and failed and there is no reason to think that BGE will be any different. When we’ll have five or six programmers instead of two, things may be different. But for now it is what it is. Though don’t think it’s all bad, we’re still doing enough work to publish ten new “get ready” kind of images:

Rusticated trouble with hyperactive youngsters
; by JEŠTR
Barracks, green grass and green brains
; by JEŠTR

Bandit town Vol. 1 - the vulture's perspective
Bandit town Vol. 2 - forgotten lookout
Bandit town Vol. 3 – bottom of the canyon at dusk
Bandit town Vol. 4 - rat arena
Bandit town Vol. 5 - The Black Hand
Post-apocalyptic transportation for the rich
A typical raider

Guns evolution according to Zahartof (not Darwin)

Apart from my little Lizard-self the BGE still manages to survive mainly thanks to graphic artists Kubrat Tomov, Malachi and Zahartof, programmer Tyfuz and laborious Zob. The only other contributing writer apart from me remains the exquisite PYebral.

Over the last half a year we've started cooperating with a draftsman Malachi (who did more work for us in one month than many others do in years), Fišmen and the rediscovered writer DaV a (who has somewhat took off to Bohemia Interactive for a few years). However many others have left, often veteran members. This had a gruesome impact, particularly in the case of the brilliant animator Sirren.

I should also mention the small but very long lasting help we’ve received from the graphic artist Deejaywolf, who we’ve been forgetting to mention here since 2006, and a hard-working Polish translator Ardent, who has in the meantime become famous by making his own mod. Also a bunch of people from NMA forums – so: bunch of people from NMA, thanks!

The next time I will hopefully be praising our NPC companions, which I consider to be one of the most awesome, coolest and ingenious (and unfortunately also the most complicated) element of BGE. Following the example of Planescape: Torment (which by the way I’ve only read about) none of the companion be quite ok mentally and each will bring not only entertainment and aid to the group power, but also perpetual trouble and sometimes even arguments and provocations within the group. But that is already too much for today...

The mod will come in English and Czech flavors, so if you're interested in joining the project, head over here and send them a message.

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